BLC Services have vast experience in all aspects of Domestic, Commercial installations. We carry out all types of electrical installations, maintenance and repairs.



It is essential that home wiring is safe. As with any other material, electrical cables have a lifespan. 


Rewiring includes the installation of new circuit breakers complete with all new cabling and electrical accessories throughout, and the removal of old redundant wiring and accessories. The installations incorporate all up to date safety earth bonding to current standards. 

We rewire homes, offices and other public and private buildings. Contact us for more information about cost on rewiring homes.


Shower Installations 

A shower will provide you with warm water for a pleasant shower experience. Using a shower is not only quick and easy but also saves on water bills and electricity.


Extra Sockets & Lights 

Do you need an extra socket? Are you overwhelmed with extension leads all over your floor? The solution is very simple – installation of additional sockets. The same applies to lights such as loft lighting, garage lights or shed lights.


Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

It is paramount that all your Electrical appliances and installations are tested and maintained. Commercial and industrial environments especially require electrical certification as to the condition of the wiring.


Upgrade your old fuse board to a new 17th edition regulation safe model. With easily isolated trip switches, and residual current protection, Modern consumer units are a great investment in your safety.


Your old fuse board (aka consumer unit) may appear to be doing the job just fine, and it's not illegal to have one, but it could be up to 50 years old and unmaintained you could be unnecessarily risking a potential fire hazard or electric shock.


Electrics have come a long way over the years, and nowhere is this more evident than when you look at an old fuse board. Modern Consumer units apply the latest 17th edition regulations in their design. The main features of which are Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), and Residual Current Devices (RCD's).


An MCB replaces your old re-wireable or cartridge fuses with safer, more reliable units. They can be used again and again simply by flicking a switch when you need to reset or isolate the circuit.


RCDs work alongside MCBs as an extra form of protection, and can detect even the slightest of imbalances in your system cutting the power within milliseconds, and dramatically improving the chances of damage or, serious injury and even death.


Consumer unit replacements typically start from around £360, this includes a periodic inspection to test the state of your current installation which will highlight any existing faults or non compliances. This is then followed by the install itself, and then finally an electrical installation certificate to sign it all off officially.  

Get in touch for some free advice and to discuss your options.



Lighting can make all the difference to the look and feel of a room, so it's important you get it right. BLC Services is familiar with all of the latest lighting tech and can help you choose one that works for you.

Choosing the correct lighting for a room can make all the difference to its look, feel and even its functionality, therefore it's vital to get it right. 


Upgrading your existing lighting scheme can be as easy as replacing an old fitting, and so can be a really inexpensive way to instantly transform your room. 

New innovations in lighting technologies such as LEDs and Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are set to the next big thing, they're cooler and smaller than traditional light bulbs, and can be put just about anywhere. They'll also consume a fraction of the power of other lighting; a 5w LED can now produce more light output then a 50w halogen and last 100,000 hours!

So whether it's just a bit of light in the garage you’re after or down lights in the lounge.     


Now for some free friendly advice.


Power Installations:-


Extension leads driving you crazy? Adding a new power outlet point may not be as big of a job as you first thought. Whether it's a single extra spur or a whole new ring, we've got it covered.

The simple fact is that many of our homes weren’t designed to cope will all of today’s electrical equipment, just think of all the electrical gadgetry you’re now regularly using today that you weren’t even 10 years ago. 


It’s meant that the extension lead has become an annoying, ugly but necessary evil in most of our homes these days. It doesn’t have to be though, a lot of the time it's a relatively cheap and simple job to add an additional socket on the wall.


It’s now commonplace to add sockets spurred at high level that can be completely concealed by your TV. Why spend hundreds of pounds on a new wall mounted TV just to have the look ruined by an ugly black cable trailing down the wall?

Other Simple jobs could include adding additional sockets behind your computer or adding a switch fused spur.  

We can add waterproof sockets to an outside wall for running garden tools or outside lighting 

We can also run a power supply down to an outbuilding or shed and install proper lighting and power.




Fault finding & Maintenance:-

Got a socket that no longer works, or a light that can be a bit temperamental? Whatever the problem, we can help.

Maintenance is key to running a safe and effective electrical system, but it is an issue that most people overlook and only tend to worry about when things go wrong. For example did you know that its good practice to have your system regularly checked by a qualified electrician? Go and check your consumer unit now, there should be a sticker on the front advising of the date of installation or last inspection, and the date of recommended next inspection. 

These refer to and depending on your installation specifics, for a normal domestic household these are typically recommended every 5 or 10 years, or every change of ownership or tenant. If you can’t find a sticker, that's probably because you’ve got an older fused or cartridge consumer unit anyway and it may need updating.

It’s not only important to have these checks done for safety reasons, but it’s also required by some home insurers.

If you’re out of date, then you may find you’re invalidating your policy. Some estate agents may also require this certificate before selling your house, but in any case it’s always a good idea to have the electrics checked before you buy a new house so you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

If you do get a fault develop then it’s important to get it checked out as soon as possible. What starts out as a minor inconvenience such as an intermittent light switch can soon lead to major problems if it’s not sorted. Electrical faults are the number one cause of fire in the home and an electric shock due to fault conditions can seriously injure or even kill. 


Now for some advice and if we can’t sort it out over the phone then we’ll come out and investigate the problem further. In most cases faults are found and rectified within the first hour.


BLC Services  

•Rewires full or part 

•Extra sockets 

•Consumer unit upgrades to 17th edition regs 

•Part P registered with NICEIC 

•Lighting (spot lights) 



•BT Points 


Important Electrical guidelines:-


Electrical reports and testing after inspection:-


Proper inspection, testing and certification is a legal requirement when undertaking most electrical works. Brian.L.Child can provide all the certification you'll need.

With electrical work done in the home now coming under the new part P building regulations, you’ll find that most electrical work done in your home will be classed as notifiable work, this means that all but the simplest of jobs need to be notified to your local authority and will require some sort of certification proving that checks have been made at various points by a competent and registered electrician, to prove their safety and compliance.


It is therefore cheaper and easier to employ a registered electrician like Brian.L.Child from the start. We can start work without needing to give prior notice to the local authority, which you would otherwise have to do. We can also certify the work immediately upon completion, it is then on us and our competent persons scheme NAPIT to notify the work to your local authority, saving you a great deal of time and money.


Local authority notification is free of charge at BLC Services.

The certification you receive will be dependent on the work you have done. Certificates issued include “Minor works certificates” for single circuit alterations and additions. “Electrical installation certificates” for consumer unit changes or work carried out on multiple circuits, and “Periodic inspection certificates” which check all or parts of your existing installation. These are also sometimes referred to as Landlord certificates, as landlords need to show that their electrical systems are safe before letting.

Whatever your certification needs BLC Services can help you. Please contact me with your requirements.



PAT Testing………


Portable Appliance Testing


All work places are required to have the appliances tested on a regular bases. 

Health and safety regulations require that this work be carried out on a regular basis. 


All appliances that we test are tested under health and safety regulations also under the code of practice for in service inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

All the appliances are labelled Pass / Fail accordingly. 

A hard paper copy list of appliances tested is produced for your reference and for you to keep on file at your work place.

A fully automatic notification system can be put into place by us to notify you of the next test due date for appliances to be re tested.

This offers a worry free solution for you the client regarding keeping your health and safety records up to date.


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